Your story, through my lens... 

How her hair swirls in crazy ringlets around her face when she wakes up from her nap. The way he wraps his strong arms around your waist while you're cooking dinner. How his brow furrows in fierce determination as he fights to master the monkey bars.  The bedtime routine that feels so mundane to you, but is filled with 101 tiny moments of connection. Birthday parties, pillow forts, butterfly kisses and milk-drunk baby snuggles... all the the things that tell the story of YOUR unique family.  Not posed. Not perfect. Just the real, raw beauty that tells the story of your family at this fleeting phase of your lives.


A glimpse of your life session - $450

Often it's the seemingly little life events that you'll want to remember forever. His first haircuts, daddy-daughter ice cream date, an afternoon at your favorite pool. The moment you told your older child she's going to be a big sister or a hike in the woods to pick out your Christmas tree. Whether its as simple as an outing to the park, or a major life event, this session captures 1-2 hours with your family. Afterwards you receive a gallery with 30-50 hand-edited digital images that beautifully preserve your family's memories. 

Half-DAy in the life session - $775

Your morning through lunch-time routine, a trip to the zoo, dinner and bedtime routine... during this session I spend 4-6 hours with your family documenting life as it happens. The special type of beauty and chaos that makes your family one-of-a-kind. You receive a gallery of a minimum of 100 hand-edited digital images. 



Full-Day in the Life Session - $1200

From the moment she sleepily rolls out of bed clutching her favorite "stuffy" in hand to come find you for her morning cuddle, to the moment you crawl in bed with him at night for the last bedtime story, this session captures it all. The spilled cereal, bath time bubbles, tantrums in the zo0 line, kisses for scraped elbows. These are the moments that tell the story of your lives, your family, right now.  During this 10-12 hour session I use my lens, my unique perspective, to beautifully preserve these moments for you forever.