Krystal and I met last spring through a hypnobabies class we were both auditing. As the only two doulas in the class, we quickly connected through our shared love of all things birthy! We kept in touch through the summer and later that fall, she texted to tell me the exciting news that she and Keith were expecting another baby!  I was beyond thrilled when she asked me to be her birth photographer and it was such an honor to document this incredible birth!  Read Krystal's amazing story in her own words below...

Thursday night (February 25th) was our normal routine as usual. Gave Big Brother Kam a bath, read him a few bedtime stories, gave him good nite kisses and tucked him in for bed. I was tired so I went to lay down on my bed while Keith went downstairs to tidy up the kitchen. A few minutes after I laid down in bed I felt and heard a small pop followed by a small gush. I laid there for a minute or so going back and forth in my head, "Was that my water that broke?!" or "Did I just pee myself?!"  I yelled out to Keith "Babe! I think my water just broke!" He ran up the stairs in total panic mode asking what should we do. I told him he could calm down a bit and asked him to grab a towel so that I could put it between my legs before I stood up in case there was another big gush. I slowly got up and wobbled to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down there was another big gush. Yup! That's my water! I called my midwife and she let me know that if any contractions started that I could go ahead and come to the hospital (since my labor with Kam was only 4 hours we weren't waiting for active labor to start) and if no contractions started I could stay home for 12 hours before I needed to come in and be checked.  After we got home from dropping off Kam at my mom's house (about 2 hours after my water broke) we decided we should just go to bed and get some sleep before things picked up. As soon as I tried to go to sleep contractions started coming every 4 minutes and lasting about a minute long. After 1.5 hours of timing these contractions I decided it was best to just go to the hospital and get checked in just in case labor went fast again.

After getting to the hospital, being admitted and getting settled into our room my contractions stopped. I had already called my doulas and our birth photographer to the hospital so we were all thinking of ways to get labor going again. We got up and sat on the birth ball, we walked the halls for a bit and tried the Miles Circut but after all that only a few mild contractions. So we tried to take a nap. As soon as I started to fall asleep contractions started again. So I got up to take a shower to help bring on more contractions. Nope. Contractions stopped again.  We spent all of Thursday night and all day long on Friday trying to get a good contraction pattern going but as soon as contractions would start they would slowly fade away again.

After an exhausting 24 hours (after my water has broke) it was time to start discussing induction options. After speaking with my midwife and discussing options with my doulas) I decided to go with 1/4 dose of Cytotec orally. But before I could take the Cytotec I had to have an IV placed. The nurse came in to place the IV and she ended up blowing 2 veins after digging around and pulling the IV in and out of my arm! I had reached my breaking point! I was so tired physically and emotionally exhausted. I had a good cry and remember telling my husband "I'm done! I don't wan to do this anymore! I just want my baby in my arms!" Keith took over and helped get the midwife in our room to give me a pep talk and get my head back in the game. She had the charge nurse come in to try placing the IV. Her first attempt she hit a nerve in my hand that shot pain all the up my arm and neck. Ouch!! On her second try she finally got my IV placed. After all of that (around 8pm on Friday night) I took my 1/4 Cytotec pill and then tried to go to sleep. Just an hour after trying to fall asleep my contractions started (around 9pm). They started out mild and continued to get stronger, longer and closer together. (This is where my memory gets a bit fuzzy due to trying so hard to focus on getting through each contraction.) My midwife checked me around midnight and I was 7cm! Keith called our doula and photographer to hurry and come back to the hospital (after they had been already called for 2 false alarms) because labor was picking up fast! At this point I also remembered that I wanted to try nitrous oxide. So I quickly asked my midwife for it and the anesthesiologist brought it in and showed me how to use it.  I was able to use it for 2 or 3 contractions before my claustrophobia kicked in and I started to feel the urge to push.

Everything was happening so fast. The pressure in my bum was growing with each contraction and I could feel my baby getting lower and lower and then all I was aware of was the urge to push. I specifically remember yelling "I'm PUSHING!!" because I couldn't go against what my body was telling me to do. The midwife and nurse both made it into the room. I was standing on the side of the bed so Keith and the midwife were both kneeling on the floor behind me ready to catch the baby. I recall pushing 3-4 times and baby Kolton was born right into Keith's arms at 2:07am on Saturday February 27th. Since I was standing on the side of the bed the nurse told me to reach down and grab my baby. So I reached down and Keith passed Kolton between my legs, I grabbed him and then laid down on the bed, placed Kolton on my chest, he stopped crying, started rooting and latched onto my breast to start feeding! He was so happy and content on mommy's chest!  Welcome to the world baby Kolton!

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