A doula friend texted me on a Thursday morning asking if I would be able to take on a last-minute client who was being induced that day. My friend was leaving town for the weekend and explained that her client, Kayle, had been planning to give birth at the birth center, but due to the onset of preeclampsia needed to be induced a couple weeks early.  Both of the clients I had been on call for had delivered earlier that week, so I said, "sure!" 

Kayle and I kept in touch through text and phone call as she began the induction process Thursday afternoon. Inductions are always a little unpredictable and can sometimes take days. This one was no exception. Thursday night passed and contractions had not kicked in yet. Throughout the day on Friday, her midwives tried almost every induction method to get Kayle's body to go into labor, but this baby was just not ready to come!  Finally, on Saturday morning, contractions began coming more consistently. Kayle was ready for some extra support, so I made my way to the hospital and joined Kayle, her husband, Matt, and her mom. When I saw how calm and collected she was, I could hardly believe she was on day 3 of induction and on the highest possible dose of pitocin! We spent the morning walking around and trying different position changes, including some yoga moves that seemed to bring relief.  Unfortunately, contractions were still not strong enough to be causing labor to progress. Finally the decision was made to break her bag of water, and then things began moving forward in ernest! 

Despite the fact she had hardly had any sleep the past three days, Kayle amazed me with her strength and focus through an incredibly intense labor. Her husband and mom were a rock-solid support team and it was beautiful to watch the obvious love they shared. Besides a small dose of fentanyl to help her get some needed rest, Kayle powered through labor with no pain meds!  Finally, at 7:04pm, beautiful baby Vienna was born into the supportive hands of her midwife. 

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Kayle got to do immediate skin to skin with Vienna!

Kayle got to do immediate skin to skin with Vienna!

Despite the difficulties of a three day induction, Kayle (who is nurse), was so impacted by her own birth experience that she has decided to pursue training to become a midwife. I can't wait to see where that journey takes her and was honored to be a part of her birth story!!! Congrats, Kayle, Matt and Vienna!!