Whitney and I met several years ago when we were both new business owners, just venturing out into the world of photography. We instantly bonded over shared similarities of growing up overseas, and our passion to make a difference through our work. Although we were both photographing births at the time, Whitney eventually followed her passion for videography and went on to specialize in wedding videography, and you guys, she's INSANELY talented. If you know anyone getting married, or just want to check out some of the most beautifully told love stories you've ever seen, check our her work here: https://whitneymilton.com 

When she's not hiking a mountain to video an adventure elopement, Whitney is busy being a full-time mom to her two kiddo's, Harper and Nathaniel, and wife to her husband David. Their family is authentic, fun-loving and passionate about life, so when they asked me to capture an afternoon with their family, I was sooo excited! I love photographing families who "get" documentary photography -- who willingly invite me into the messy beauty of real life without trying to polish up and make everything and everyone look perfect first!

I met the Milton family at Pet's Mart to start our adventure together. A big transition in the Milton home had prompted this session -- after years of co-sleeping, Whitney's 3 year old daughter, Harper was graduating into her very own room! In celebration of this big moment, Harper got to go to the pet store to pick out her own fish for her new room. She was bursting with excitement! 

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Milton family denver
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Once we arrived back home, Nathaniel, the baby, was hungry and ready for drink before setting up the fishtank. 

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Milton family baby looking at fish
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Milton family siblings holding hands
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The rest of the afternoon was spent doing snack time, having a family dance party and playing together, then making a quick trip to the local Sprouts for groceries needed for dinner. 

Milton family 2018 snack time
Milton family snack time
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Harper playing with toys
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Milton family at sprouts
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Milton family buying groceries
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Thank you, Milton family, for letting me document this sweet phase in your lives!